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Sustainable Development


Sustainability Impact Assessment

Acacia Consulting was a partner in the Sustainability Impact Assessment of the Trade Aspects of Negotiations for an Association Agreement between the European Community and Mercosur / Chile 
The project aims were to enable the European Commission to take sustainable development fully into account in trade negotiations with Chile and with Mercosur; and to assess the negotiation outcomes for sustainability. This entailed examination of the potential economic, environmental and social sustainability impacts and development of sustainability impact assessment methodology.
Acacia Consulting provided technical leadership of the study team, as well as social analysts.

Project identification and evaluation in statistics and economics

Study of institutional support to the national statistical information system of Algeria
To respond to national and international user needs for statistics, the government of Algeria wishes to improve the structure and operation of the statistical information system, in particular the national accounts information base. The study made recommendations to enable the introduction of international methods and standards.  Acacia Consulting examined monetary and financial statistics, in partnership with Camire Estadistica y Analisis and Groupe XL. 

Assessment of the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS), Pakistan and update of Technical Assistance Programme
The objective is to improve the information available to key decision and policy makers in government, private sector and society through improvement in the scope, quality, relevance and timeliness of statistics, specifically in price and foreign trade statistics. Acacia Consulting carried out the project feasibility study.

Africa economic analysis

Support for the preparation of the National Development Plan 2, Namibia
The project objective was to assist the Namibian National Planning Commission Secretariat in co-ordinating the development of the second National Development Plan, NDP-2.
Acacia Consulting developed a forecasting framework for medium term macroeconomic and sector projections based on the national accounts structure as an input into the plan's fiscal framework. Contributed to and edited chapters in national development plan document, notably on economic and fiscal frameworks.

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