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European Neighbourhood Policy - South – Infant mortality rate 2011 and 2021

‘Statistics Explained’ is Eurostat’s general audience presentation of the statistics that it produces and those of its partners.  In 2023 and 2022, Acacia Consulting re-wrote or updated many ‘Statistics Explained’ articles that cover annual data prepared by three groups of Eurostat’s partners in the Western Balkans and Türkiye; the European Neighbourhood East (see map in previous post); and the European Neighbourhood South.  The ‘Statistics Explained’ articles discuss the purpose and use of the statistics; trends in the data and /… Read More »

European Neighbourhood Policy East countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

A report prepared by Acacia Consulting examined how the European Neighbourhood Policy East countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine – have approached and implemented the recommendations of the European Statistics System’s Global Assessments / Peer Reviews.  The report summarises and analyses the countries’ implementation status, based on monitoring questionnaires sent out and collected by Eurostat. It was prepared to inform the countries concerned and Eurostat. Global Assessments evaluate how far national statistical systems conform to European Statistical System… Read More »

The ‘Regional Workshop on National Strategy for the Development of Statistics’ (NSDS) was held in Lusaka, Zambia in March 2022, organised by COMESA Secretariat.  Its purpose was to strengthen the capacity of African national statistical systems to support development goals through implementing well-designed, sector inclusive NSDSs.  37 African Development Fund countries participated, as well as regional and global organisations. The workshop covered the following subjects: Understanding emerging data requirements in the context of new development agendas National statistics systems as… Read More »

The project “Cross-cutting: Targeted support for agricultural statistical innovation at FAO” was implemented by the UN Food and Agricultural Agency between the end of 2016 and November 2021. Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it aimed at improving effective evidence-based decision-making, policy uptake and influence, and Sustainable Development Goals accountability through high-quality, open, accessible, interoperable, timely and more disaggregated agriculture, food security and investment data. The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the quality and relevance of… Read More »

En 2022, un effectif d’Acacia Consulting était le chef de file de l’évaluation du programme « Stratégie nationale du développement de la statistique 2018-2022 » de Djibouti.  L’objectif était à évaluer l’exécution des activités prévues ; ainsi qu’à diagnostiquer les conditions de réussite, les difficultés et risques pour la stratégie suivante ; et formuler des recommandations concernant l’élaboration du prochain document stratégique dans le cadre des politiques actuelles de développement national.  L’équipe d’évaluation a rencontré les statisticiens et les utilisateurs… Read More »

Acacia Consulting contributed to the ‘Guide to Statistics in European Commission Development Cooperation’, 2021 edition.  This publication, available from the Eurostat website, ‘provides extensive information on statistics in development cooperation, presenting key international initiatives supporting developing countries in building sustainable statistical systems that produce quality statistics. It provides information on how to identify and develop actions in support of key statistics and how to use data and indicators to define and follow-up cooperation programmes.’  It can also be used as… Read More »

Acacia Consulting staff rewrote and updated many Eurostat’s ‘Statistics Explained’ articles about the ‘Candidate countries and potential candidates’ and ‘European Neighbourhood Policy’ countries in Eastern Europe and around the Mediterranean.  Eurostat is the statistics office of the European Union.  ‘Statistics Explained’ is an official Eurostat portal for occasional and regular users that presents statistical topics in an easily understandable way.  Its articles include links to further information and the latest data.  ‘Statistics Explained’ articles select and illustrate subjects of general… Read More »

Welcome to Acacia Consulting’s new website. Its purpose is to inform current and potential customers, partners and consultants / employees about our knowledge, experience and current direction. This news blog will be updated regularly. As a small company in a time of Covid-19, we have to adapt to our environment. We are currently developing a business forecasting model. The accompanying picture shows birth and death records that are no longer useful for current statistics, although perhaps of historical interest.