Acacia Consulting staff rewrote and updated many Eurostat’s ‘Statistics Explained’ articles about the ‘Candidate countries and potential candidates’ and ‘European Neighbourhood Policy’ countries in Eastern Europe and around the Mediterranean.  Eurostat is the statistics office of the European Union.  ‘Statistics Explained’ is an official Eurostat portal for occasional and regular users that presents statistical topics in an easily understandable way.  Its articles include links to further information and the latest data.  ‘Statistics Explained’ articles select and illustrate subjects of general… Read More »

Welcome to Acacia Consulting’s new website. Its purpose is to inform current and potential customers, partners and consultants / employees about our knowledge, experience and current direction. This news blog will be updated regularly. As a small company in a time of Covid-19, we have to adapt to our environment. We are currently developing a business forecasting model. The accompanying picture shows birth and death records that are no longer useful for current statistics, although perhaps of historical interest.